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Have you ever wanted to own your own business and live life on your own terms? Have you ever dreamed of waking up every day excited to start your day and knowing that you would be living a life of true fulfillment? If so, you are in the right place.


Over the next 20 years, millions and millions of properties throughout the United States will go through the probate process. Simply put, probate is when a court reviews a will that someone leaves behind when they pass away, and makes sure that the heirs to that will receive what was left to them.

What this means for us, as real estate investors, is HUGE opportunity. 2+ million properties PER YEAR will transfer through the probate process.  This means that of the billions and even trillions of dollars of real estate that will trade hands in the coming decades, there is a fortune to be made by smart, entrepreneurial and hard working real estate investors.


Would you like to be one of them?

Introducing the Wholesaling Probate Properties System

Discover The Simple Yet Effective Way To Wholesale Multiple Properties Per Month, Just From Probates

This training program is designed to take you, step by step, through the entire process of setting up a profitable wholesaling business in under six weeks.


The course can be completed at your own pace and on your own schedule and everything will be provided to you upon enrollment.  This includes all contracts, forms, pre-sale packages and training modules that you will have instant access to when you join.

  • Save Time

    The old way of doing probates was extremely time consuming.  Not anymore. With our time saving strategies you will spend less time on the mundane details of working IN your business and spend much more time working ON your business, where the real money is made.

  • Less Competition

    Most investors and agents think probates are too time consuming or difficult to get involved with them. But nothing could be further from the truth! The fact is, with the right training and guidance, you can CRUSH it with probate deals... and leave your competition in the dust.

  • Launch Your New Career

    Maybe you are an experienced real estate agent or investor but have never gotten into probates. Or maybe your are completely new to the real estate investing business but have always found it intriguing. Either way, you're in the right place. Learning how to wholesale probates can lead you to an entirely new career path!

  • Earn A Great Income

    True satisfaction in life comes not only from earning a great income, but from helping people along the way. By learning how to wholesale probates, you will be able to help people while earning a great income. It's a true win-win!

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The preeminent course on Wholesaling Probate Properties...

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Wholesaling Probate Properties 


In this module you will get a high level overview of the opportunities in working with probate properties.

  • Learn why NOW is the best time to get started with probate properties...
  • Discover the three simple steps to a wholesale deal - it's easier than you may think...
  • Get your mindset right and get ready to launch your wholesaling business...

Marketing for Sellers

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business, but it does not have to be complicated. This module is a deep dive into the key marketing strategies that are working today! 

  •  Watch how simple and easy an effective marketing campaign can be to set up
  •  Learn what 99% of real estate investors miss when setting up their marketing campaigns - miss this one at your own risk!
  • Find out what strategies and tactics are working today to rapidly grow your business...

Talking To Sellers & Making Offers​

Learning not only what to say but more importantly how to say it is crucial to your success.  This module covers everything you will need to know to start making offers to sellers today.

  •  Download our "Million Dollar Script" and start using it in your conversations with sellers
  • Find out the key to making fast offers that position you as an expert and have sellers begging you to buy their properties
  • Learn the keys to effective tonality and communication so you can close more deals, even over the phone!

Marketing For Buyers​

So now you have a great deal under contract with a seller. How do you find a cash buyer ready and willing to buy your deal? This module covers everything you need to know to find cash buyers hungry to buy your deals.

  •  Learn where to find cash buyers who will line up to buy your deal.
  •  Discover marketing strategies that no one else is teaching.
  • Sell your deals quickly and for top dollar, each and every time.

Pre-Qualifying Buyers And Contracts

When buyers start calling you asking about your deals, what do you need to ask them to separate the "suspects" from the "prospects".  Learn exactly this and much more in this module!

  •  Learn the questions to ask to determine if a cash buyer is worth your time, in under 5 minutes.
  •  Discover how to negotiate like a pro, without sounding salesy.
  • Download the "Sell" contract and see how and why it is different from when you buy a property... this alone could save you thousands of dollars!

Scaling & Growing Your Business​

Once your wholesaling probate properties business is set up, it's time to scale and grow to take you to new heights.

  •  Find out the simple systems and automations to remove 90%+ of your daily tasks
  •  Learn the secrets to doing deals in multiple markets - it's easier than you may think!
  •  Find out how to hire the right way, by asking three simple questions of every potential new hire...

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Meet Your Trainer

Calvin Sibley
Licensed Real Estate Broker and Full Time Wholesaler


Calvin is a third generation real estate investor and holds a current Real Estate Broker's license in Florida. With 15+ years of real estate experience, both as an agent and an investor, Calvin's knowledge and expertise in real estate helps his clients make informed investment decisions regarding their real estate purchases.

Calvin was awarded the "Member of the Year" award by the Broward and Miami-Dade Real Estate Investor's Association in 2019 for his active community involvement. 

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida

  • 15+ Years Experiences as Licensed Agent, Licensed in 2006​

  • Wholesaled 100’s of Properties in Florida and Other U.S. Markets

  • Speaker and panelist at real estate offices and REIA’s​

  • 2019 Member of the Year of Broward Real Estate Investor's Association

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